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  Title Author Call Number Status
Book Advances in sea cucumber aquaculture and management. Gov.FAO SH1.F2 IN
Book Application of modern analytical techniques to ensure seafood safety and authenticity. Martinez, Iciar. FAO.SH1.F2 IN
Book Application of risk assessment in the fish industry. FAO.SH1.F2 IN
Book Assessment and management of seafood safety and quality. Huss, Hans Henrik. FAO.SH1.F2 IN
Book Assessment of freshwater fish seed resources for sustainable aquaculture. FAO.SH1.F2 2007 no.501 IN
Book Cage aquaculture : regional reviews and global overview. FAO.SH1.F2 2007 no.498 IN
Book Capture-based aquaculture : global overview. FAO.SH1.F2 2008 no.508 IN
Book Case studies in fisheries self-governance. FAO.SH1.F2 2008 no.504 IN
Book Case studies of the management of elasmobranch fisheries. FAO.SH351.S6C365 IN
Book Case studies on the effects of transferable fishing rights on fleet capacity and concentration of quota ownership. FAO.SH1.F2 IN
Book Causes of detentions and rejections in international fish trade. Ababouch, Lahsen. FAO.SH1.F2 IN
Book Checklist of the parasites of fishes of Bangladesh. Arthur, J. R. (James Richard), 1948- FAO.SH1.F2 IN
Book Checklist of the parasites of fishes of Latvia. Kirjus?ina, Muza. FAO.SH175.K57 2007 IN
Book Checklist of the parasites of fishes of Viet Nam. Arthur, J. R. (James Richard), 1948- FAO.SH1.F2 2006 no.369/2 IN
Book Culture-based fisheries in Bangladesh : a socio-economic perspective. Valbo-Jørgensen, John. FAO.SH1.F2 2007 no.499 IN
Book Disaster response and risk management in the fisheries sector. FAO.SH1.F2 2007 No.479 IN
Book Discards in the world's marine fisheries : an update. Kelleher, Kieran. FAO.SH1.F2 IN
Book The Dynamics of tuna movements : an evaluation of past and future research. Pac.SH1.F2 1986 no.277 IN
Book Economic performance and fishing efficiency of marine capture fisheries. FAO.SH1.F2 IN
Book Economics of aquaculture feeding practices in selected Asian countries. FAO.SH1.F2 2008 no.505 IN
Book The ecosystem approach to fisheries: issues, terminology, principles, institutional foundations, implementation and outlook. FAO.SH1.F2 IN
Book Enhancing or restoring the productivity of natural populations of shellfish and other marine invertebrate resources. FAO.SH1.F2 IN
Book Farming freshwater prawns : a manual for the culture of the giant river prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii). New, Michael B., 1932- FAO.SH1.F2 IN
Book Fish marketing and credit in Viet Nam. Lem, Audun. FAO.SH1.F2 IN
Book Fisheries in irrigation system of arid Asia. FAO.SH1.F2 IN
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