Titles By: Films for the Humanities.
  Author Title Call Number Status
Video Accounting. MITC VC 1002 A IN
Video Asian values devalued. MITC VC 1005 IN
Video How atoms bond. MITC VC 1141 C IN
Video Introducing the players. MITC VC 1141 F IN
Video Marketing research and information. MITC VC 1003 C IN
Video Metals and ionic solids. MITC VC 1141 E IN
Video Molecular substance and covalent. MITC VC 1141 D IN
Video Personnel. MITC VC 1002 E IN
Video Planning. MITC VC 1002 F IN
Video The Rutherford-Bohr atom. MITC VC 1141 A IN
Video Sales. MITC VC 1002 G IN
Video What is marketing?. MITC VC 1003 A IN
Video The women's bank of Bangladesh. MITC VC 1004 IN

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