Titles By: Tyler, James C., 1935-
  Author Title Call Number Status
Serial Tyler, James C., 1935- Natural history of the sea fan blenny, Emblemariopsis pricei (Teleostei : Chaenopsidae) , in the western Caribbean / James C. Tyler and Diane M. Tyler. Gov. SI 1.27:601 IN
Serial Tyler, James C., 1935- A new genus and species of box fish (Tetraodontiformes: Ostraciidae) from the oligocene of Moravia, the second fossil representative of the family. Gov. SI 1.30:71 IN
Serial Bannikov, A. F., (Aleksandr Fedorovich) Phylogenetic revision of the fish families Luvaridae and Kushlukiidae (Acanthuroidei), with a new genus and two new species of Eocene Luvarids. Gov. SI 1.39:81 IN
Serial Tyler, James C., 1935- Phylogeny of the genera and families of Zeiform fishes, with comments on their relationships with tetrodontiforms and caproids. Gov.SI1.27:618 IN
Serial Williams, Jeffrey T. Revision of the western Atlantic clingfishes of the genus Tomicodon (Gobiesocidae), with descriptions of five new species. Gov.SI1.27:621 IN
Serial Two new genera and species of Oligocene spikefishes (Tetraodontiformes: Triacanthodidae), the first fossils of the Hollardiinae and Triacanthodidae. Gov. SI 1.30:75 IN

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