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  Call Number Title Author Status
 2 VerF.0116 Pac.
 2 VerF 0116.89a Pac
 2 VerF 0116.89 Pac
 2 VerF 0117.89 Pac
 2 VerF 0118.89a Pac
 2 VerF 0118.89 Pac
Mixed VerF 0119.91 Pac Synthesis of the research on educational change : overview and initiation phase. Busick, Kathleen IN
 2 VerF 0120.67 Pac
Mixed VerF 0121 Pac Papers, correspondes and etc. : Karen Peacock. IN
 3 VerF. 0123.86 Pac.
Mixed VerF 0124.85 Pac The ruins of Leluh - : the ancient city of Kosrae. Tillar, Debra IN
Mixed VerF 0125 Pac Phillip, Joseph : papers and news articles. IN
Mixed VerF 0125.67 Pac Phillip, Joseph : Scholarships, fellowships, etc./. IN
Mixed VerF 0126.86 Pac Studies of anti-adult T-cell leukemia associated antigen antibodies and some hamatological findings in inhabitants in the Federated States of MicronesiA. IN
Mixed VerF 0127.86 Pac A study on blood pressure and mineral excretion of students in Micronesia (Ponape Island). Nihira, Susumu IN
Book VerF.0128.86 Pac. Current status of christian churches in Pohnpei, Eastern Caroline Islands. Terada, Takefumi IN
Mixed VerF 0129.93 Pac News clippings and other papers on Martin Jano...from Kitti Municipality (Pohnpei). IN
Mixed VerF 0130.67 Pac Geological notes from the islands : the Oceanic Islands. Hill, Peter IN
Mixed VerF 0131.86 Pac Marine algae from the Atoll of Ant, Pohnpei : Chlorphyceae (preliminary report). Enomoto, Sachito IN
Mixed VerF 0132.46 Pac A brief account of the Saipan mission : from the departure of the German Capuchin Priests in 1914 until the capture of the Island by the American in 1944. Tardio, Jose Ma. IN
Mixed VerF 0133.71 Pac Remarks of Professor Robert R. Robbins of Tufts University, First Legislative Counsel of the Congress of Micronesia, before the House of Representative, Capitol Hill, Saipan, January 18, 1971. Robbins, Robert R. IN
Mixed VerF 0135.70 Pac Canoes in Micronesia. Robinson, David IN
Mixed VerF.0136 Pac. A simple way to distinguish black leaf streak from Sigatoka disease on bananas. Graham, K.M. IN
Mixed VerF 0136.67 Pac Communication weaknesses in the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands. Bellinger, Roger IN
Mixed VerF 0136.86 Pac Geomagnetic survey during the cruise to and from Micronesia. IN
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