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  Call Number Title Author Status
Mixed VerF 0630.98a Pac The United States annexation of Wake Atoll, Central Pacific Ocean. Spennemann, Dirk H. R. IN
Mixed VerF 0630.98 Pac Japanese poaching and the enforcement of German colonial sovereignty in the Marshall Islands. Spennemann, Dirk H.R. IN
Serial VerF 0631.86 Pac Land tenure of the South Sea islanders (English Translation I). Smith, DeVerne Reed editor. IN
Book VerF 0632.00 Pac The biology of learning and implications for teaching. Churney, Robert. IN
Mixed VerF 0633.94 Pac Return migration from the United States to American Samoa : evidenc from the 1980 and 1990 censuses. Ahlburg, Dennis A. IN
Mixed VerF 0633.97 Pac Do Pacific islanders in the United States hold "good" jobs? : Dennis A. Ahlburg. Ahlburg, Dennis A. IN
Mixed VerF 0634.71 Pac Palau candystore lagoon. Tzimoulis, Paul J. IN
Mixed VerF 0636.87 Pac c.1 Commericial distribution of fishery products in Yap proper. Kusakawa, Tsunenori IN
Mixed VerF 0636.87 Pac c.2 Commericial distribution of fishery products in Yap proper. Kusakawa, Tsunenori IN
Mixed VerF 0637.84 Pac Social organization and types of sea tenure in Micronesia. Sudo, Kenichi. IN
Mixed VerF 0638.99 Pac Remaking Micronesia : discourses over development in a Pacific territory, 1944-1982 (Review). Barclay, Kate. IN
Mixed VerF 0639.97 Pac Frondosins, five new sesquiterpene hydroquinone derivatives with novel skeletons from the sponge dysidea frondosa : inhibitors of interleukin-8 receptors. Patil, Ashok D. IN
Mixed VerF 0640.95 Pac. Economic development dimension of nation-building in the Federated States of Micronesia : a proposed role for Japan. Naich, James A. IN
 3 VerF 0641.05 Pac.
Mixed VerF 0644 Pac. National legislation relevant to biodiversity within the Federated States of Micronesia. Mace, MJ IN
Serial VerF 0644.86 An investigation into the educational systems of Pohnpei and Truk, Micronesia. IN
Mixed VerF 0645.83 Pac. "Micronesian prehistory : an archeological overview". Craib, John L. IN
Mixed VerF 0647 Pac. German records on Micronesia. IN
Mixed VerF 0648 Pac. Truk boat-building program : audit report no.74-1. IN
 2 VerF.0649 Pac.
 2 VerF.0650 Pac.
Mixed VerF.0651 Pac. Dumont D'Urville on Truk. IN
eBook VerF 0652 Pac. Micronesia Red Cross. Partnership in profile IN
Mixed VerF 0655 Pac. Our Pacific "trust". Armitage, Clement J. IN
Mixed VerF 0656 Pac. TTPI official government census during the Japanese administration : final project report. Carroll, Vern IN
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