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  Call Number Title Author Status
 2 VerF 0572.70 Pac.
 2 VerF 0572.76 Pac
Mixed VerF 0572.81 Pac The persistence of traditional feasts in Ponape, Caroline Islands. Fischer, John Lyle. IN
Mixed VerF 0573.96 Pac Reimagining Polynesia. Linden, Eugene. IN
Mixed VerF.0574 Pac. Health services in Moen. Sablan, Henry IN
Mixed VerF 0574.89 Pac South Pacific epiphany. Ottaway, Mark. IN
 2 VerF 0575.92 Pac.
eBook VerF 0575.93 Pac. An indigenous Pacific Island Agroforestry system : Pohnpei Island. Raynor, Bill IN
Book VerF.0576 Pac. Youth and alcohol, N.M.I. Kircher, Mike IN
Mixed VerF 0576.94 Pac Nature's infinite book : Zebras and the Anna Karenina principle. Diamond, Jared IN
Mixed VerF.0578 Pac. The Traditional political organization of Yap. Lingenfelteer, Sherwood IN
Serial VerF.0578.99 Pac. Lagoon farming of giant clams (Bivalvia: Tridacnidae). IN
Serial VerF.0579 Pac. Our radioactive wards : no one warned the Micronesians. Gale, Roger W. IN
Mixed VerF 0579.82 Pac Population, migration and problems of atoll development. IN
 5 VerF 0580.2000 Pac.
Mixed VerF 0580.74 Pac Breadfruit or rice, dietary choice on a Micronesian atoll : Namu Atoll. Pollock, Nancy J. IN
Book VerF.0582 Pac. Culture change on Yap: a brief summary. Lingenfelter, Sherwood IN
 2 VerF 0583 Pac.
Mixed VerF 0583 Pac. c.2 Koht kupwurki komwi en pwetepwet?. Douglass, Eugene F. IN
 2 VerF 0584.84 Pac.
Mixed VerF.0585 Pac. Excursions into inauthenticity : the Chamorro migrant stream. Underwood, Robert A. IN
Mixed VerF 0585.85 Pac Whales that go to extremes. Baker, C. Scott. IN
 3 VerF 0586. ? Pac
Serial VerF 0586.92 Yapese politics, Yapese money and the Sawei tribute network before world war I. Berg, M. L. IN
Mixed VerF 0587.80 Pac Self-determination and free association -- should the United Nations terminate the Pacific Islands Trust?. Clark, Roger Stenson. IN
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