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  Call Number Title Author Status
Mixed VerF 0531.38 Pac Guam - Perch of the China Clippers. : Margaret Higgins M. Higgins, Margaret M. IN
Mixed VerF 0532.46 Pac Farewell to Bikini. : Carl Markwith. Markwith, Carl. IN
Mixed VerF 0533.79 Pac The Society Islands, sisters of the wind. : Priit V. Vesilind. Vesilind, Priit J. IN
Mixed VerF 0534.50 Pac Copra-ship Voyage to Fiji's Outlying Islands : Marjory C. Thomas. Thomas, Marjory C. IN
Mixed VerF 0535.90 Pac Hawaii's volcanic cradle of life : William Amos H. Amos, William H. IN
Mixed VerF 0536.82 Pac Strange world of Palau's salt lakes. : William Hamber M. Hamner, William M. IN
Mixed VerF 0537.77Pac The gentle Yamis of Orchid island : a picture story. Shuhua, Chang. IN
Mixed VerF 0538.68 Pac The friendly Isles of Tonga : Luis Marden. Marden, Luis. IN
Mixed VerF 0539.69 Pac Look what's happened to Honolulu! : Jim Becker. Becker, Jim. IN
 2 VerF 0540.95 Pac
Mixed VerF 0541.79 Pac Hawaii's deep-sea jewels. Grigg, Richard W. IN
Mixed VerF 0542.74 Pac Tanna awaits the coming of John Frum. Muller, Kal. IN
Mixed VerF 0543.67Pac Micronesia : the Americanization of Eden. Boyer, David S. IN
Mixed VerF 0544.71 Pac Maui, where old Hawaii still lives. Weaver, Kenneth F. IN
Mixed VerF 0545.68 Pac South Seas' Tonga hails a king. Grosvenor, Melville Bell. IN
Mixed VerF 0546.65 Pac Saving the nene, world's rarest goose. Ripley, Dillon S., Ph.D. IN
 2 VerF 0548.50 Pac
Mixed VerF 0549.81 Pac Molokai-Forgotten Hawaii. Starbird, Ethel A. IN
Mixed VerF.0550 Pac. Field trip report (March 10-13, 1974), marine resources project locates on Dublon Islands in Truk District. IN
Mixed VerF 0550.58 Pac The Island called Fiji. Marden, Luis. IN
Mixed VerF 0551 Pac. Micronesian special service project. IN
Mixed VerF 0551.57 Pac On Australia's Coral Ramparts : an American Naturalist explores the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef and meets its Denizens-some friendly, some not, but all fascination. Zahl, Paul A., Ph.D. IN
Mixed VerF 0551.59 Pac Creatures of Hawaii's Coral Reefs : unsung beauties of Hawaii's Coral Reefs. Zahl, Paul A., Ph.D. IN
Mixed VerF. 0552 Pac. ADB points out weaknesses in FSM economy & private sector. Wortel, Olivier IN
Mixed VerF 0552.98Pac Testing the waters of Rongelap. Curtsinger, Bill. IN
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