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Mixed VerF 0075.95 Pac. Naming and claiming in the South Pacific : the South Pacific place names conference, Wellington, 5-7 November 1990. Crocombe, R. G. (Ronald Gordon) IN
Mixed VerF 0076.76a Pac Life and design in Ponape, Micronesia, part 2: 'Bricolage' as seen in the Ponapean way of utilizing coconut palm. Shimizu, Akitoshi. IN
Mixed VerF 0076.76 Pac. Cultural complexes of the Ponapean life found around the cooking method of stone oven. Shimizu, Akitoshi. IN
Mixed VerF 0076.85a Pac Two tales from the sacred island of Central Carolines. Komatsu, Kazuhiko IN
Mixed VerF 0076.85b Pac Politics of encounter : a semantic analysis of guest receiving behavior on Ponape, the Eastern Carolines. Shimizu, Akitoshi IN
Mixed VerF 0076.85c Pac The land holding group on Mogmog Island, Ulithi Atoll : matri-lineage in viri-local society, Caroline Islands of Micronesia. Ushijima, Iwao IN
Mixed VerF 0076.87a Pac Chieftainships in Micronesia. Shimizu, Akitoshi. IN
 2 VerF 0076.87 Pac
 2 VerF 0076.96 Pac
Mixed VerF 0084.72 Position paper on the proposed association between Micronesia and the United States/. IN
 4 VerF 0087.75a Pac
 3 VerF 0087.75 Pac.
 4 VerF 0087.76 Pac
Mixed VerF.0087.77 Pac. The nature of nurture. Marshall, Mac. IN
 2 VerF 0087.79a Pac
Mixed VerF 0087.79a Pac. Natural and unnatural disaster in the Mortlock Islands of Micronesia. Marshall, Mac. IN
 3 VerF 0087.81 Pac.
 3 VerF 0087.90
Mixed VerF 0087.91 Pac Beverage alcohol and other psychoactive substance use by young people in Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia (Eastern Caroline Islands) : by Mac Marshall. Marshall, Mac. IN
 3 VerF 0087.94 Pac
Mixed VerF 0087.94 Pac c.4 Inhalant abuse in the Pacific Islands : gasoline sniffing in Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia. Marshall, Mac. IN
Mixed VerF 0087.97 Pac. Tobacco prevention in the Federated States of Micronesia. Marshall, Mac. IN
 3 VerF 0088.65b Pac
Mixed VerF 0094.32 Pac Bailey Olter's File. Olter, Bailey, 1932-1999 IN
Mixed VerF 0094.60 Pac Bailey Olter's [Scholarships, fellowships, etc. ] files. Olter, Bailey, 1932-1999 IN
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