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  Call Number Title Author Status
Book QH366.2.C83 2009 Why evolution is true. Coyne, Jerry A., 1949- IN
Book QH366.2.D37 1996 The blind watchmaker : why the evidence of evolution reveals a universe without design. Dawkins, Richard, 1941- IN
Book QH366.2.F69 1998 Life : a natural history of the first four billion years of life on earth. Fortey, Richard A. IN
Book QH366.2.F87 1986 Evolutionary biology. Futuyma, Douglas J., 1942- IN
Book QH366.2 .M3933 2001 What evolution is. Mayr, Ernst, 1904- IN
Book QH366.2.R527 1998 The origins of virtue : human instincts and the evolution of cooperation. Ridley, Matt. IN
Book QH366.2.S5 2006 Why Darwin matters : the case against intelligent design. Shermer, Michael. IN
Book QH366.2.V88 1985 Understanding evolution. Volpe, E. Peter (Erminio Peter) IN
Book QH366.2.W534 2000 Evolution. Whitfield, Philip. IN
Book QH367.5.B327H377 1993 Bacterial wilt : Proceedings of an international conference held at Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 28-31 October 1992. IN
Book QH367.A2 2008 99% ape : how evolution adds up. IN
Book QH368.A2 1961 African genesis : a personal investigation into the animal origins and nature of man. Ardrey, Robert. IN
Book QH371.D55 1981 After man : a zoology of the future. Dixon, Dougal. IN
Book QH375.D38 1999 The extended phenotype : the long reach of the gene. Dawkins, Richard, 1941- IN
Book QH375.D45 1995 Darwin's dangerous idea : evolution and the meanings of life. Dennett, Daniel Clement. IN
Book QH375.D376 1996 Climbing mount improbable. Dawkins, Richard, 1941- IN
Book QH375.E55 1995 Reinventing Darwin : the great debate at the high table of evolutionary theory. Eldredge, Niles. IN
Book QH408.H53 1994 Animal diversity. Hickman, Cleveland P. IN
Book QH430.B54 2002 Biodiversity and traditional knowledge : equitable partnerships in practice. IN
Book QH430.D39 1995 River out of eden : a Darwinian view of life. Dawkins, Richard, 1941- IN
Book QH431.H297 Gene action. Hartman, Philip E. (Philip Emile), 1926- IN
Book QH431.L57 1962 Genetics. Levine, Robert Paul, 1926- IN
Book QH431.R475 2000 Genome : the autobiography of a species in 23 chapters. Ridley, Matt. IN
Book QH437.5.B78 1995 Genetic engineering. Bryan, Jenny. IN
Book QH437.D38 1989 The selfish gene. Dawkins, Richard, 1941- IN
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