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  Call Number Title Author Status
 8 Pac.HF5599.M37 1995
 2 Pac.HF5616.5.P33
 4 Pac.HF5616.5.P66l 1978
Book Pac.HF5616.5.T47 1978 Territoriqal Housing Commission : accountant's report fianancial statements, December 31, 1978. IN
 2 Pac.HF5620.F4F44 1989
Book Pac.HF5621.C14 1989 Accounting system for local governments. Camberg, Cindy IN
Book Pac.HF5635.P33 Introductory accounting : instructor's guide no. 1. Pacific Islands (Trust Territory). IN
Book Pac.HF5661.P33 1976 Accountants' report financial statements, January 31, 1976. Ponape Automotive and Marine, Inc. IN
 5 Pac.HF5661.P66 1974
Book Pac.HF5667.F64 1996 Follow-up of FSM JTPA program prior year's audit findings and recommendations fiscal years 1991 through 1994. IN
Book Pac.HF5667.6.C58H254 2014 Chuuk State Department of Health Services : poor procurement practices & inventory management system led to excessive costs report no.2015-01. Office of the National Public Auditor IN
Book Pac. HF5667.6.D11 1984 Federated States of Micronesia : first annual report of the Public Auditor January 12, 1984. Dye, John E. IN
Book Pac.HF5667.6.F21 2001 Family health program: audit report No. AD-10-005 calendar year ended December 31, 1999. Micronesia (Federated States) Office of the National Public Auditor. IN
Book Pac.HF5667.6.F31 1995 Federated States of Micronesia : ninth annual report of the Public Auditor, October 01, 1994 thru September 30, 1995. IN
 2 Pac.HF5667.6.F43 2020
Book Pac.HF5667.6.F65 2005 Financial statements and independent auditors' report year ended September 30, 2005. IN
Book Pac.HF5667.6.F434 2020 Performance audit on implementation of recommendations of audit report no.2016-06 : the FSM consulate General Office in Guam and the Department of Foreign Affairs did not take corrective actions to address all audit findngs and recommendation. Federated States of Micronesia. Office of the National Public Auditor. IN
Book Pac.HF5667.6.K14P75 1992 Kapingamarangi Municipal Government: audit report FY 1989 to 1990. Pohnpei (Micronesia) Office of the State Auditor. IN
Serial Pac.HF5667.6.K37P5 2016 Pohnpei State Government : Performance audit of Kapingararangi Municipal Government for fiscal year ended. Pohnpei State Government. Office of the Public Auditor. State of Pohnpei. IN
Book Pac.HF5667.6.K65S73 2000 Audit report for fiscal year 2000. State of Pohnpei. Kolonia Town Government. Office of Pohnpei State Auditor. IN
Book Pac.HF5667.6.M4U55 1977 Audit report of cash accountability of the Marshall district of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands. U.S. Department of Interior. Office of the U.S. Government Comptroller for Guam and Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands. IN
 5 Pac.HF5667.6.M53 2013
 12 Pac.HF5667.6.M58T47
Book Pac.HF5667.6.M537 1996 Review of disbursements third party administrator-Guam National Government Health Insurance Plan (NGEHIP) Federated States of Micronesia January 1, 1995 through March 31, 1996. Micronesia (Federated States). Office of the Public Auditor. IN
 4 Pac.HF5667.6.N4P75 2001
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