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Serial Gov.HE1.64:2008 Medical supply catalog. Health and Human Services Supply Service Center (U.S.) IN
Book Gov.HE20 .8216 :40 Adolescent marijuana abusers and their families. OUT
Book Gov.HE20 .8216 :123 Acute cocaine intoxication : current methods of treatment. IN
Book Gov.HE20.2:C75/2004/REV. ORI introduction to the responsible conduct of research. Steneck, Nicholas H. IN
Book Gov.HE20.2:H34/32/CORR. A healthier you : based on the Dietary guidelines for Americans. IN
Book Gov.HE 20.2:M 46/6 HHS Public Health Emergency Medical Countermeasures Enterprise strategy and implementation plan for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats. HHS Public Health Emergency Medical Countermeasures Enterprise (U.S.) IN
 4 Gov.HE20.2:P39/3/V.1
Book Gov.HE 20.2:T 55/2 How tobacco causes disease : the biology and behavioral basis for tobacco-attributable disease : a report of the Surgeon General. IN
 67 Gov.HE20.30:
Book Gov.HE20.3002:D44/6 How DNA can help identify individuals. New York (N.Y.). Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. OUT
Book Gov.HE20.3002:H 64/2002 National Insitutes of Health fiscal year 2002 plan for HIV-related research. National Institutes of Health (U.S.). Office of AIDS Research. IN
Serial Gov.HE20.3002:H78 Expanding horizons of healthcare : five-year strategic plan, 2001-2005, NCCAM. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (U.S.) IN
Book Gov.HE20.3002:M29 Malaria. IN
Book Gov.HE20.3002:M33/4/998 Marijuana : facts for teens. IN
Book Gov.HE20.3002:W15 Walking a good path : 2001 calendar. IN
Book Gov.HE 20.3002:W 84/9 Highlights of NIH women's health and sex differences research : 1990-2010. National Institutes of Health (U.S.). Office of Research on Women's Health. IN
 2 Gov.HE20.3013/2-4:97/CD
Serial Gov.HE20.3013/6: NCRR reporter. IN
Serial Gov.HE20.3152:AD9/998 Advanced Cancer : living each day. IN
Serial Gov.HE20.3152:B56/2/2001 What you need to know about bladder cancer. IN
 2 Gov.HE20.3152:B74/6/2000
 2 Gov.HE20.3152:C16/30/KIT
Serial Gov.HE20.3152:C71/2/999 What you need to know about, cancer of the colon and rectum. IN
Serial Gov.HE20.3152:EA 8/2/997 Eating hints for cancer patients, before, during & after treatment. IN
Serial Gov.HE20.3152:ES5/999 What you need to know about cancer of the esophagus. IN
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