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Serial Gov. SI 1.30:64 Some tertiary brachiopods of the East Coast of the United States. Cooper, G. Arthur (Gustav Arthur), 1902- IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.30:65 Jurassic brachiopods of Saudi Arabia. Cooper, G. Arthur (Gustav Arthur), 1902- IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.30:70 Morphology, anatomy, and systematics of the Cinctiporidae, new family (Bryoloa: Stenolaemata). Boardman, Richard S. IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.30:71 A new genus and species of box fish (Tetraodontiformes: Ostraciidae) from the oligocene of Moravia, the second fossil representative of the family. Tyler, James C., 1935- IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.30:74 Paleobiology of Climactichnites : an enigmatic Late Cambrian fossil. Yochelson, Ellis Leon, 1928- IN
 2 Gov. SI 1.30:75
Serial Gov. SI 1.30:76 Brachiopods near the Permian-Triassic boundary in South China. Xu, Guirong IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.30:77 Ontogenetic morphometrics of some Late Cretaceous trochospiral planktonic foraminifera from the austral realm. Huber, Brian T. IN
 2 Gov. SI 1.30:78
Serial Gov. SI 1.30:85 Atlas of Paleocene planktonic foraminifera. IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.30: 86 Reflections on the morphology, anatomy, evolution, and classification of the class Stenolaemata (Bryozoa). Boardman, Richard S. IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.30:87 Ostracoda from the Late Permian of Greece (Thaumatocyprididae and Polycopidae). Sohn, I. G. (Israel Gregory) 1911- IN
Serial Gov.SI1.30:88 Phylogenetic Relationships of the Earliest Anisostrophically Coiled Gastropods. Wagner, Peter J. IN
Book Gov.SI 1.30:90 Geology and Paleontology of the Lee Creek Mine, North Carolina, III, Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology, No. 90, 2001. IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.30:91 Myodocopid Ostracoda from the late Permian of Greece and a basic classification for Paleozoic and Mesozoic Myodocopida. Kornicker, Louis S., 1919- IN
Serial Gov.SI1.30:92 Triassic gastropods of the southern Qinling Mountains, china. Tong, Jinnan. IN
Book Gov.SI 1.30:93 Cenozoic mammals of land and sea : tributes to the career of Clayton E. Ray. IN
Serial Gov.SI1.30:94 Middle Proterozoic (1.5 Ga) Horodyskia moniliformis Yochelson and Fedonkin, the oldest known tissue-grade colonial eucaryote. Fedonkin, M. A. (Mikhail Aleksandrovich) IN
Book Gov.SI 1.30:95 New materials of Masiakasaurus knopfleri Sampson, Carrano, and Forster, 2001, and implications for the morphology of the Noasauridae (Theropoda:Ceratosauria). Carrano, Matthew T. IN
 3 Gov. SI 1.33:31
Serial Gov. SI 1.33: 35-v.1&2 The flowering of man : a Tzotzil botany of Zinacantan. Breedlove, Dennis Eugene. IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.33:37 Artifacts of diplomacy : Smithsonian collections from Commodore Matthew Perry's Japan Expedition (1853-54). Houchins, Chang-Su. IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.33:38 A dictionary of non-scientific names of freshwater crayfishes (Astacoidea and Parastacoidea), including other words and phrases incorporating crayfish names. Hart, C. W. IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.33:39 The modernization of three Korean villages, 1951-1981 : an illustrated study of a people and their material culture. Knez, Eugene I. IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.33:42 The Ossuary of San Francisco Church, Quito, Ecuador: human skeletal biology. Ubelaker, Douglas H. IN
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