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Serial Gov. SI 1.29:66 A monograph of the lichen genus Parmelia Acharius sensu stricto (Ascomycotina: Parmeliaceae). Hale, Mason E. IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.29:67 A scanning electron microscope survey of the epidermis of East African grasses, V, and West African supplement. Palmer, Patricia G. IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.29:68 Morphological, anatomical, and taxonomic studies in Anomochloa and Streptochaeta (Poaceae, Bambusoideae). Judziewicz, Emmet J. IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.29:69 A revision of the genus Olyra and the new segregate genus Parodiolyra (Poaceae: Bambusoideae: Olyreae). Soderstrom, Thomas R. IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.29:72 The woody bamboos (Poaceae, Bambuseae) of Sri Lanka : a morphological-anatomical study. Soderstrom, Thomas R. IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.29:77 Flora of Dominica. Nicolson, Dan H. (Dan Henry), 1933- IN
Serial Gov.SI1.29:79 Revision of Kohleria (Gesneriaceae). Kvist, Lars Peter. IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.29:82 A history of botanical exploration in Amazonian Ecuador, 1739-1988. Renner, Susanne, 1954- IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.29:83 Caryopsis morphology and classification in the Triticeae (Pooideae: Poaceae). Terrell, Edward E. IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.29:86 A contribution to the Guianan flora : Dalechampia, Haematostemon, Omphalea, Pera, Plukenetia, and Tragia (Euphorbiaceae) with notes on subfamily Acalyphoideae. Gillespie, Lynn J. IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.29:87 Genera of New World Eragrostideae (Poaceae: Chloridoideae). Peterson, Paul M. IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.29:88 Opal phytoliths in Southeast Asian flora. Kealhofer, Lisa IN
Serial Gov.SI1.29:89 Generic and subtribal classification of American Vernonieae. Robinson,Harold Ernest, 1932. IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.29:90 Seed micromorphology of neotropical begonias. De Lange, A. (Anton) IN
Book Gov.SI 1.29:92 Taxonomic revision of the Chiliotrichum group sensu stricto (Compositae: Astereae). Bonifacino, Jose M. (Jose Mauricio) IN
Book Gov.SI 1.29:93 Some Latin American genera of Hypnaceae (Musci). Ireland, Robert R. IN
Book Gov.SI 1.29:94 Marine algae of the northern Gulf of California : Chlorophyta and Phaeophyceae. Norris, James N. IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.30:61 Geology and paleontology of the Lee Creek Mine, North Carolina, II. IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.30:63 The cretaceous birds of New Jersey. Olson, Storrs L. IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.30:64 Some tertiary brachiopods of the East Coast of the United States. Cooper, G. Arthur (Gustav Arthur), 1902- IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.30:65 Jurassic brachiopods of Saudi Arabia. Cooper, G. Arthur (Gustav Arthur), 1902- IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.30:70 Morphology, anatomy, and systematics of the Cinctiporidae, new family (Bryoloa: Stenolaemata). Boardman, Richard S. IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.30:71 A new genus and species of box fish (Tetraodontiformes: Ostraciidae) from the oligocene of Moravia, the second fossil representative of the family. Tyler, James C., 1935- IN
Serial Gov. SI 1.30:74 Paleobiology of Climactichnites : an enigmatic Late Cambrian fossil. Yochelson, Ellis Leon, 1928- IN
 2 Gov. SI 1.30:75
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